Computer Graphics Dude
I am currently a research scientist at Shapes AI.

I completed my PhD at Tel Aviv University, in the Computer Graphics lab led by Daniel Cohen-Or, followed by a post-doc position at Laboratoire d'Informatique de l'École Polytechnique (LIX).

My research initially focused on shape analysis, shape and image similarity, segmentation and shape matching. In recent years I have focused mainly on deep learning techniques and their application to 3D models represented by point clouds and polygonal meshes.

Some of my latest projects include:
  • Generative modeling, procedural modeling, and procedural shading
  • Point cloud generation and clean up
  • Image denoising, reconstruction and classification in a VFX production environment
I have over 10 years of prior experience as a software engineer and in VFX production.

Download full CV:   PDF

It is always best to contact me by email:
I currently live in London, and can also be reached by the following phone number: +44 73 053 14271.


2019-2020 Shapes AI Research Scientist
2018-2019 DNEG Software Developer
2016 - 2017 École Polytechnique Post-doc Researcher
2011 - 2016 Tel Aviv University PhD, Computer Science
2010 Crew 972 Lighting / Compositing / Effects
2008 MutualArt Inc. Algorithms Developer
2005-2007 Amobee Media Systems Development Team Leader